About Us

Movie Times is your convenient one stop shop for planning your visits to the movies.

On this one web or mobile site you can select what movie you would like to see, which cinema you would like to go to, what session time you would like to attend and proceed directly to pre purchase your ticket online.

You can start your search according to your priority at the time; you can start your search by movie, time or location. You can also view a selection of movie trailers on Movie Times.

You do not have to search different branded cinema sites to make your choices. In collaboration with eBroadcast, Movie Times has information for almost all cinemas that operate in Australia. See below the current list of “Participating Cinemas”

On Movie Times, if you wish, you can pre-set your preferences so that each time you come back to Movie Tines it will only display those cinemas that meet your preferences. For example you can set your cinema preferences for a post code or for a region, regardless of cinema brand. Or you can simply pre-select your favourite cinemas, again regardless of brand.

But at any time you can turn off those preferences and select “nearest”. For example, when you are away from home you can use your tablet or mobile and by use of GPS, Movie Times will allow you to look up only cinemas in near proximity to you at that time.

If you have other questions about Movie Times and what it can do for you, please click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" link.

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