Who is behind Movie Times?

Movie Times is a collaboration of those in the Australian cinema industry. It was founded as a joint initiative of Event Cinemas, Hoyts Cinemas and Village Cinemas. Some other cinema groups provide their session times directly to Movie Times. eBroadcast contributes session times for many remaining cinemas, such that Movie Times now covers by far the majority of exhibitors that operate in Australia.

Are all movies listed in the site? If not why not?

All movies of all participating cinemas are listed on this site as long as the participating cinema has provided the appropriate information to allow its listing either directly to Movie Times or via eBroadcast.

If a movie is only showing at a cinema, where that cinema is not a member of Movie Times, then that film will not be listed on Movie Times.

Are all cinemas listed on the Movie Times site? If not, why not?


For a list of participating cinemas, please click on the Participating Cinemas tab at the bottom of the Movie Times page.

It is free for cinema owners to list their information on Movie Times. So if your cinema does not have its information listed on Movie Times, please bring this to your cinema operator’s attention for them to contact Movie Times to allow listing.

Who manages the information on the site?

Information appearing on the site is either provided by the exhibitor directly to Movie Times or is sourced through collaboration by Movie Times with eBroadcast. Should you have any questions or concerns with regard the specific information that is shown for any specific cinema, you should contact that cinema operator directly