Premium Cinemas

Cinema Europa
Elegant and intimate, Cinema Europa is where you can experience culinary delights, refreshing beverages and a more personalised level of service whilst relaxing in style before or after the film in our fully licensed bar and cafe. Featuring digital sound, deluxe stadium seating and wall-to-wall screens, Cinema Europa and the renowned Rivoli Cinemas allow you to be immersed into a different world as you experience the very best of Australian and international films and documentaries.
Deluxe sessions are in the intimate Deluxe Cinema.
Dendy Lounge
Head past the crowds to the priority queue to collect your tickets, then be invited into the Dendy Lounge's exclusive bar. Here you can enjoy food from our seasonal gourmet bar menu, expertly matched with a selection of local and international beer and wine. It's the perfect environment to unwind before your film. Once inside the cinema, it is about comfort. Relax in the extra wide leather seats with adjustable foot rests. Personal tables allow you to enjoy your food and drink while you watch the film.
Director's Suite
Directors Suite provides the ultimate exclusive cinema going experience. It's the perfect choice for that special date ~ why not treat yourself and someone you love to a special everyday movie experience? Directors Suites are also the ideal venue for private bookings, chic corporate functions and truly special occasions; your guests can be treated to your choice of film making it a truly luxurious night out - for the a genuinely unique experience make it Directors Suite!
Our private lounges offer unobstructed views from the best seat in the house. You can enjoy your favourite drink from our fully-licensed bar and a meal from our extensive Lounge Menu, all served to you by your in-cinema waiter. Plus, receive a complimentary popcorn and soft drink with every Ace Cine Gold Lounge ticket purchased. Gold Lounge patrons must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to gain admittance. Patrons under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian will not be admitted to the Gold Lounge and tickets will not be refunded.
Gold Class
Add a little extra class to your movie experience, with the laid back luxury of Event Gold Class. Every Gold Class auditorium features an intimate setting for no more than 30-40 people, making every seat literally the “best in the house”. You can relax in luxurious full reclining armchairs plus enjoy full on-call waiter service, featuring a comprehensive food and beverage menu, delivered direct to your seat, before and throughout the movie.
Gold Lounge
Featuring two dedicated boutique cinemas surrounded by an exclusive private lounge, fully licensed bar & gourmet menu. Feel free to enjoy a delicious meal and drink before the show or take advantage of our in-theatre waiter service.
Reading Gold Lounge is the ultimate luxury cinema experience. Reading Cinemas has combined the elegance of a fully licensed lounge bar, a menu with a selection of delicious food and in-cinema service, with a state of the art blockbuster movie experience that has to be seen to be believed.
Gold Room
Ipswich Lounge
Ipswich Lounge
La Premiere
La Premiere offers an unsurpassed cinema experience, with the ultimate in comfort, quality, service and style. Enjoy unobstructed views from your luxurious, custom made sofa style seats with super screens for maximum impact. Experience the gourmet menu and reserve wine list with personalised in-cinema waiter service or simply enjoy a complimentary popcorn and soft drink
HOYTS LUX is premium cinema redefined. Whether you’re relaxing in the private bar, or watching a movie from the best seats in the house, you’ll enjoy great in-cinema service, an excellent selection of gourmet food and an extensive wine list. HOYTS LUX even offers complimentary popcorn and soft drinks for guests, so you’re sorted for a special night at the movies. Experience more with HOYTS LUX.
Nova Deluxe
Nova Deluxe, an in-cinema dining experience like no other. Filmgoers can choose between a single course or three course meal served in the luxury and comfort of our Deluxe boutique cinemas.
Premium Lounge
The Dendy Premium Lounge cinemas boast its own exclusive lounge bar area, full in-seat dining and bar service as well as opulent electric reclining seats – perfect match for any first class experience.
Star Class
Village Gold Class
Gold Class Cinemas are superbly designed to provide a luxuriously intimate setting and are committed to providing customers with a first class quality experience of film, food, beverages and service. Each Gold Class Cinema features luxury reclining seats and state of the art cinema technology; including super- wide screens and digital audio delivering stunning cinematic experience. Additionally, Gold Class Cinemas boast a full service bar, lounge and gourmet food with personal waiter service during each screening.

Large Screen Cinemas

Ace Maximum (AMax) is a new premium class featuring wide recliner seats with a wall to wall screen and 7.1 sound for select films.
IMAX delivers the most immersive cinematic experience in the world. The combination of IMAX’s powerful digital projection system, specially designed screen, digital surround sound system and unique theatre geometry creates the sensation of being in the movie.
Titan XC
Titan XC - Extreme Cinema is a revolution in movie viewing with the biggest screen, explosive sound and premium wide seating.
Village Vmax
Vmax is the ultimate way to experience blockbuster movies. With supersized screens, Dolby Digital sound, first class stadium seating, extra leg room and wide armrests; immerse yourself in the movie with Vmax! Vmax cinema screens are located at Village Cinemas Crown, Doncaster, Fountain Gate, Knox, Southland, and Karingal. Our biggest Vmax screen at Knox is 28 metres wide and seats over 740 movie-goers.
Vmax offers customers a big screen, high quality movie experience that gives maximum impact to anything from the latest digital 3D movies to your favourite big-budget blockbuster. Every Vmax auditorium features new ultra-comfortable stadium-style seating, thousands of watts of powerful digital surround sound and the latest state-of-the-art 20m digital screens
Xtreme Screen
Xtremescreen is the full audio visual big screen experience! Its entertainment at it's biggest and loudest! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the latest release films on a massive scale! Xtremescreen boasts the largest screen within the complex. With 10,000 watts driving a state of the art Dolby 8 Channel surround EX sound system and a massive screen, you’ll be blown away!

Other Cinemas

Bean Bag cinema is a revolutionary experience - it's the new Hoyts chill out zone and the only cinema where you can enjoy the latest quality blockbusters from the comfort of your very own deluxe beanbag. A world-first in cinema design, this is entertainment at its coolest! Bean Bag cinema is about comfort, fun and kicking back in your own individual style.
Drive In
For a night of good ‘ol fashioned movie fun, bring your family ro a carload of mates to the Drive-In. You can grab a bite to eat form the Drive –In candy bar or you may be able to order from your car via SMS to have the snacks delivered straight to you.


Closed Captions
Closed Caption viewing is available at this cinema. Closed caption is for hearing impaired movie audiences. The way closed caption is delivered may vary. In most cinemas the system consists of a small LED display on a bendable support arm that fits into the theatre seat. The easy to read screen is equipped with a high contrast display that comes with a privacy visor so it can be positioned directly in front of the movie patron at the base of the screen image. The system usually transmits and receives encrypted closed captions on a wireless bank frequency that means it can be used from any seat in the auditorium.
Hearing Loop
A hearing loop system is available in this cinema. To receive the signal, a person wearing a hearing aid or Cochlear Implant simply activates the Telecoil or T Switch program which is also sometimes called the induction coil, receiving the signal direct into the aid, obtaining clarity of speech.
Infra-Red Hearing
Infra-Red Hearing is available at this cinema. This system consists of infrared transmitters mounted in the cinema that carry the sound to a receiver that you wear.
Open Captions
Open caption is available in this cinema. Open captions consist of those requiring no manipulation or interaction by the viewing audience; the captions are viewable on the screen with no special equipment or adjustment required by the audience.
Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair accessibility is available at some cinema to purchase online. If not please check with your local cinema.


The content is very mild in impact. The G classification is suitable for everyone. G products may contain classifiable elements such as language and themes that are very mild in impact. However, some G-classified films or computer games may contain content that is not of interest to children.
Parental Guidance
The content is mild in impact. The impact of PG (Parental Guidance) classified films and computer games should be no higher than mild, but they may contain content that children find confusing or upsetting and may require the guidance or parents and guardians. They may, for example, contain classifiable elements such as language and themes that are mild in impact. It is not recommended for viewing or playing by persons under 15 without guidance from parents or guardians.
The content is moderate in impact. Films and computer games classified M (Mature) contain content of a moderate impact and are recommended for teenagers aged 15 years and over. Children under 15 may legally access this material because it is an advisory category. However, M classified films and computer games may include classifiable elements such as violence and nudity of moderate impact that are not recommended for children under 15 years. Parents and guardians may need to find out more about the film or computer game’s specific content, before deciding whether the material is suitable for their child.
Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian
The content is strong in impact. MA15+ classified material contains strong content and is legally restricted to persons 15 years and over. It may contain classifiable elements such as sex scenes and drug use that are strong in impact. A person may be asked to show proof of their age before hiring or purchasing an MA15+ film or computer game. Cinema staff may also request that the person show proof of their age before allowing them to watch an MA15+ film. Children under the age of 15 may not legally watch, buy or hire MA15+ classified material unless they are in the company of a parent or adult guardian. Children under 15 who go to the cinema to see an MA15+ film must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for the duration of the film. The parent or adult guardian must also purchase the movie ticket for the child. The guardian must be an adult exercising parental control over the person under 15 years of age. The guardian needs to be 18 years or older.
Restricted to 18 and over
The content is high in impact. R18+ material is restricted to adults. Such material may contain classifiable elements such as sex scenes and drug use that are high in impact. Some material classified R18+ may be offensive to sections of the adult community. A person may be asked for proof of their age before purchasing, hiring or viewing R18+ films and computer games at a retail store or cinema.
Check the Classification
The content has been assessed and approved for advertising unclassified films and computer games. Any advertising of unclassified films and games must display the CTC message on posters, trailers, on the internet, and any other types of advertising.